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This is the story of a girl who's travelling half the world, who went to 40 countries over 6 continents on her own, including the Sahara, Amazon, Machu Picchu, Salar de Uyuni and many other amazing places on earth, she learnt to speak French and Spanish on the road, and fell in love with a Latino...


2012 某个零晨,我手持护照、背着背包,踏上一个没有时限、没有路线、没有终站的旅程…

At a midnight on 2012, I had my passport on one hand and my backpack on the other, I embarked on a life changing journey that is without any itinerary...

旅程开端,我由美西陆路游到美东,到纽约自荐寻工,并为一部电影当宣传摄录师。接着我到了墨西哥学习西班牙文。之后到步南美,由秘鲁出发,途经玻利维亚,智利,到达阿根廷,旅居半年。在玻利维亚曾于当地大学作客席讲师。在阿根廷风花雪月的时间,曾于旅馆及酒吧工作,最后搬到首都为记录片当剧本指导及品牌活动当摄录师。可惜是,我没有在南美搭上拉丁帅哥,于是游到欧洲继续做我的 Traveling Artist。

In the beginning of this journey, I traveled overland from the west coast to the east coast in US, lived in New York for a while and worked as a Publicity Videographer for a film. And then I went to Mexico to study Spanish. After that I arrived in South America, traveled from Peru, Bolivia, Chile to Argentina, where I lived for half a year. In Bolivia I taught in a local university as a Guest Lecturer. In Argentina I worked in a hostel and a bar, as a Script Supervisor for a documentary and a Videographer for a branding event. Sadly I didn't met my sexy Latino in South America so I traveled to Europe to continue striving as a Traveling Artist.


I embarked on my European journey from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Southern France, United Kingdom to Paris, where I worked as an assistant for an artist. Unfortunately I was badly injured and I couldn't work, so I returned to Southern France to rest and learn French. Even though I still hadn't totally recovered after my half year in France, my destiny had sent me my Latino here. Voilà, because of love, I moved to Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea. I had lived a very happy life on the island but winter, spring and summer had gone too quickly, at last I finally feel better with my body but very unfortunately the economy was terrible and both of us went broke, so so I decided to embark my journey again, to return to Macau and restart everything again.

800天的出走之后,我再花了800天的时间,把旅程中最感动、最感触、最感慨的人与事都写在《心的自由就是海阔天空》这本书里。同时用心经营 海阔天空 粉丝专页,分享旅点行程攻略、途上打工秘诀、自学外语心得等等实用资讯。此外制作旅游节目《与SIO同游半个地球》,带着观众到处吃喝玩乐之余,还展示了不地国度的思维文化。还有出品自己设计的《海阔天空》产品系列。同时,有为台湾、香港、澳门多家媒体写专栏,亦常获各地机构邀请合作,撰文、拍摄影片及策划宣传项目,详细列表请参考合作经历最后,请来看我在世界各地的游历故事,或到我的作品网站看我的创作。无论你想跟我一起工作又或一起玩乐,都欢迎随时联络我,还请记得关注我的 YouTubeFacebookInstagram 喔 ~!

After spending 800 days on road, I spent another 800 days working on my book 《心的自由就是海阔天空》, written with the most touching stories I encountered on the road. At the same time I am sharing useful travelling and language learning tips on my Fan Page 海阔天空. Also I have created a travel series called "Travel Half The World With Sio" (Subtitled in English), in which I do not only share with the audiences the fun and excitement of one place, but also the authentic culture and unique mindset of the people from different places. Also I had launched my own designed product series. On the other hand, I am columnist for on and off line medias in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, frequently I am invited by travel and lifestyle related firms in Asia to write articles, film videos and propose marketing strategies, please look at Collabs for the detailed list. Finally, please check on my world travel stories, or visit my portfolio blog to look at my creative works. Feel free to contact me if you want to work with me or hang out with me, and don't forget to follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, cheers~!

海阔天空 Beyond The Boundless Sky
Story of a girl who's travelling half the world

海阔天空产品系列 BTBS Product Series

1个女生,世界3大洲,为期800天,一场「发现自己」的梦想之旅~! 内容写有我横越北美自荐寻工、直闯南美风花雪月、重回欧洲塌下病重、最终回在地中海小岛与拉丁情人拥抱海阔天空的最感动故事~!