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紐約是世界的文化、娛樂、時尚首都,看過「Sex and the City」都會幻想一下自己踩著斗零踭風采地踏在第五大道、或聽著「Empire State of Mind」灑脫地穿梭於大都會裡的玻璃高樓。但紐約被喻為世界的中心,而紐約的曼克頓更是世界中心的中心,物價當然是極級昂貴。不過現在我來告訴你,其實再大的大都會也可以玩得便宜,有時甚至可以是零消費~! Continue reading “紐約攻略:7個平玩曼克頓的方法” »
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Chicago 2012

If you agree that art could be endowed with life Then Chicago is the most amazing gallery you would find Because it has the most stunning architecture in human life Continue reading “Chicago 2012” »
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New York 2012

You want more when there is more And even more as it seems no wrong Now you got the biggest Big Apple But how do you know it is the one you want the most Continue reading “New York 2012” »
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Mexico 2012

In Mexico I see no tourist Because people here preserves their tradition in their own action And make you feel as if you were one of them Even if you were passing by with just a glance Continue reading “Mexico 2012” »
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Las Vegas 2012

People said Vegas is the biggest of the fakest where everything is copied I said It is the greatest of the truest where everyone is happy US Itinerary - San Francisco > Las Vegas > Grand Canyon and Yellowstone > Salt Lake City > Chicago > New York Continue reading “Las Vegas 2012” »
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San Francisco 2012

San Francisco is quiet So quiet that nothing but only your heart could be heard Nothing but only the voices from within could be heard Continue reading “San Francisco 2012” »
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