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Bangkok / 神秘迷宮旅館 / Mysterious Hostel

這家神秘旅館外面像森林、裡面像迷宮,無論你有沒興趣住旅館也會覺得這裡很有趣~! 還有如果你是新手,想知道該如何訂旅館的話,就得看片聽我的心得分享啦~! This hostel looks like a forest from outside and a maze from inside~! Let's check it out with me and listen to my sharing about how to book a hostel~! Continue reading “Bangkok / 神秘迷宮旅館 / Mysterious Hostel” »
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Bangkok / 曼谷紅燈區 / Red Light District

泰國是世界最大、最興旺、最瘋狂的色慾市場之一,賣笑賣性賣男賣女賣前賣後什麼都賣卻偏偏不賣心~! Thailand has one of the biggest, craziest and busiest sex industry, people there sells smiles and sex, male and female, the front and the back but just not their souls~! Continue reading “Bangkok / 曼谷紅燈區 / Red Light District” »
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Bangkok / 探索泰國吳哥窟 / Ayutthaya

來跟我走進泰國吳哥窟,一起在古城拍婚紗照,細看阿育塔亞的歷史痕跡~! Come with me to explore Ayutthaya, the beautiful ancient city in Thailand~! Continue reading “Bangkok / 探索泰國吳哥窟 / Ayutthaya” »
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