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Shanghai 2012 上海

Only in Shanghai you can see and hear and feel The newest and oldest buildings The loudest and quietest streets The coldest and warmest atmosphere All at the same time 就只在上海 你才可同時看到 聽到 感受到 最新的 最舊的 建築 最靜的 最嘈的 街道 最冷的 最熱的 氣氛 Continue reading “Shanghai 2012 上海” »
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Tibet 2011 西藏

The sky in Tibet is the most beautiful sky on earth The color gradually changes from riverine blue to oceanic blue The blue that I can never ever forget in my life 西藏的天空是世界上最美麗的天空 那河水的藍色會漸漸的流向深海的藍色 是我一生一世都不能夠忘記的顏色 Continue reading “Tibet 2011 西藏” »
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