In this second edition of my diary series, I will vlog in English, Cantonese, Spanish and Mandarin, one language at a time, sharing about my language learning tips and experiences, and the bits and pieces of my life. Enjoy!

海阔天空 Beyond The Boundless Sky
Story of a girl who's travelling half the world

海阔天空产品系列 BTBS Product Series

1个女生,世界3大洲,为期800天,一场「发现自己」的梦想之旅~! 内容写有我横越北美自荐寻工、直闯南美风花雪月、重回欧洲塌下病重、最终回在地中海小岛与拉丁情人拥抱海阔天空的最感动故事~! 

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