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我的故事 My Story

The categories of ABOUT, TRAVEL, PRODUCT, VIDEO, COLLAB on this website are written and subtitled in English, everything else are written in Chinese. 一個女生,遊歷半個地球,獨自走過六大洲、四十國,進過撒哈拉、闖過亞馬遜、踏過天空之城、越過天空之鏡;路上學會法文西文,戀上一個拉丁情人...... This is the story of a girl who's travelling half the world, who went to 40 countries over 6 continents on her own, including the Sahara, Amazon, Machu Picchu, Salar de Uyuni and many other amazing…
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To those who wants to know more about my 800 days world journey, please go to My Story for the introduction and My Travel for the full stories. Unfortunately my book below is being published in Chinese only. 一個女生,3大洲,為期800天,一場「發現自己」的夢想之旅~!然後這一個女生,再用了800天,把旅程中最感動她的人與事都寫進了《心的自由就是海闊天空》這本書裡面~! Continue reading “《心的自由就是海闊天空》現已上市” »
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好開心今年在 Suncity Group 太陽城集團 第63屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車近距離接觸到車手、賽車、車模,還有我的女神舒淇!快來看我現場報導的精彩畫面!So glad to have the chance to attend Grand Prix 2016, seeing cool racers, racing cars and celebrities in real close! Continue reading “GRAND PRIX TRAVEL VID” »
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