Sri Lanka – Maldives – India – Nepal – Tibet – 2011 – 斯里兰卡 – 马尔代夫 – 印度 – 尼泊尔 – 西藏

这是我为我们早年的《斯里兰卡 - 马尔代夫 - 印度 - 尼泊尔 - 西藏 - 2011 背包游》所制作的影片,每次重看都是很好看!


This is the video I did for our Sri Lanka – Maldives – India – Nepal – Tibet backpacking trip in 2011, I still love it a lot every time I watch it!

We embarked our journey from the soon be flooded island countries in the Indian Ocean, and ended our trip at the Himalayan ranges the highest altitudes on earth. Not only we were traveling across ocean and mountains but also we had been to flaming desert and freezing peak. From having 10 people to 2 people, some of us were very unfortunate to have caught High Attitude Sickness and Dengue Fever, that he had to return home immediately for treatment. Definitely a very memorable journey of mine!


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