If you agree that art could be endowed with life
Then Chicago is the most amazing gallery you would find
Because it has the most stunning architecture in human life

US Itinerary - San Francisco > Las Vegas > Grand Canyon > Yellowstone > Salt Lake City > Chicago > New York

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Even though my Amtrak seat was really spacious and the three meals were also delicious, the cabins were freezing cold after dusk. Through the frozen window I watched the train wheels cutting through the Midland, and the stream flow farewelling the Colorado. After spending two nights half awake and two days half asleep, I finally arrived in Chicago, my connection point to the East Coast.

I knew I would be totally exhausted after 34 hours of train ride, that's why I booked Parthenon Hostel which is only 15 minutes of walk from Union Station. Although it costed me USD33 plus tax for a 6 bed dorm, somehow it is considered as cheap in the big city. Once I got to the hostel I quickly grabbed my pillow, even if other girls kept on running in and out, having fun and laugh, talking this and that, I hypnotized my brain to immediately fall asleep pretending I was hearing nothing but just chill out beats.

After my so-called decent sleep I went out for a city walk. Along the road on Michigan Avenue I kept seeing charming buildings matched with puffy white cloud and lovely blue sky, series of perfect pictures that awaken my mind. On the avenue also located the Millennium Park, my favorite sightseeing landmark with no rush but hush, a modern oasis for locals and passer bys. On the relaxing lawn people read or eat or sleep, or like me just lie down and do nothing but for something to see.

Being in Chicago is like being in an enormous museum, where endless collections of architectural masterpieces are displayed everywhere. All these exhibits are super towering skyscrapers in grey or copper color that are built with countless symmetrical and repetitive windows. Every time I raised my head I felt totally daunted by the very unnatural quantities of symmetry and repetition that I saw, that I felt like the buildings were endowed with life,  and assigned to a mission to change the destiny of mankind.

I went indoor to explore the world famous The Art Institute of Chicago after I had appreciated enough of the outdoor. The ticket costed me USD18 plus tax which may sound a little bit expensive, but trust me it definitely worth paying so please considered it on your itinerary. On the day of my entry, not only I was able to look at numerous regular  exhibitions of different eras in diverse media from worldwide, also I was lucky enough to see a current exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein: A Retrospective, that I was totally excited. Always I am fascinated by artworks with bold lines and bright colors, especially like those created by Roy Lichtenstein they not only captured my eyes but also my soul and my mind, while standing in front of his extraordinary works I felt like the power of Pop Art was bringing me back to the 60s, the era when the artworks came to life, and also the era when everybody have the guts to dream, to love and to live an individual life.

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