San Francisco is quiet
So quiet that nothing but only your heart could be heard
Nothing but only the voices from within could be heard

US Itinerary - San Francisco > Las Vegas > Grand Canyon and Yellowstone > Salt Lake City > Chicago > New York

In the beginning I thought I was only going to travel to South America and living in Brazil for a little while, but then every of the flight schedule requires a stopover either at London or Paris or New York or San Francisco, that's why I enlarged the Google Map to its max and linked all my favorite dots in between, to have caused this North to South America transcontinental trip happening without any return ticket to have my life reborn anew.

My life in the past seven years back home was always hectic, so hectic that it lasted until the day before my departure. Good thing is that I had hectic but fabulous life before, sad thing is it became a hectic but repetitive life after, and I knew I had to stop. Therefore, I sold all my valuables, trashed all my treasures, locked all my memories, kept nothing but just me with myself to restart my life from scratch again.

I don't have any solid plans nor detailed itinerary for this trip, but I knew where I am going to spend my hot and cold seasons so I carefully selected my several pieces of round the year clothing, had my passport ready on one hand and my backpack on the other, quietly I boarded on the flight and silently I landed on other side of the world.

San Francisco in June was chilling, that its mornings and nights were considered freezing. Alone in the cold I followed the track of the cable car wandering from downtown Market Street to uphill Grace Cathedral, China town to Embarcadero and then all the way to Fisherman's Wharf, until I saw piles and piles of white sailing boats, groups and groups of sleepy sea lions, lovely dances of the carousel, and the beautiful smiles of the American families.

During the several days here, I spent a lot of time staying in my friend's apartment, either to do the bookings for my journey to the east coast, or to complete the many unfinished stories of this blog. My friend was also busy with her freelance work at the time, and we ended up sitting in front of the computers all day, mostly without saying anything to each others but quietly thinking in our heads. But then when our minds both got tired, we enjoyed a cup of freshly brew cappuccino together, and talked about everything from parallel universes to cute little animals to washing machines.

The day before I left my friend drove me around to take a closer look at this city. I kept seeing cityscapes painted in one same tone, and faces carrying one same mood wherever we went, that everything was so subtle and mild, that everything was so peaceful and quiet.

My friend is always looking for a simple and true life, after a short stay with her I finally understood why she loved her city so much that she never thought of leaving this place since the day she moved here years ago. All because San Francisco is not only as quiet as it sounds, but truly quiet at its heart.

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