Shanghai 2012 上海

Only in Shanghai you can see and hear and feel
The newest and oldest buildings
The loudest and quietest streets
The coldest and warmest atmosphere
All at the same time

就只在上海 你才可同时看到 听到 感受到
最新的 最旧的 建筑
最静的 最嘈的 街道
最冷的 最热的 气氛

On a heartbroken New Year Eve I rushed to a travel agency and asked, 'To where is the soonest flight?" The agent replied, 'Shanghai.'

During my short stay I walked for hours and hours each day and I visited many many places, but it was all just quick glances and I could hardly remember where I went to. I only remembered the hurt feeling stayed after the few tiring days.



Time flies, 7 years just in the blink of an eye, I revisited this place. Lucky that I was not carrying a broken heart again this time, but a mission to promote an interesting job. I did a design for the multi-purpose cleaning cloth produced by PikkaPikka, therefore I went to Shanghai to attend its launch party. The PikkaPikka cleaning clothes is made with world's finest microfiber, and it could wipe your lens or glasses or monitors perfectly clean. In addition, it also produces cleaning clothes for face cleaning or home cleaning or many other purposes. Seriously I believe it is the best cleaning cloth product I ever tried, and I believe it is much better that any other product on the market. In the Pikka Girl Collection that I participated, they invited a few girls coming from China, Hong Kong and Macau, who are working in the media or creative industry, to design a series of 6 handkerchief and tee products for them. My design could be ordered online from the PikkaPikka website and TaoBao, or be purchased from a number of specific stores located in Hong Kong and Macau, further information could be found from the PikkaPikka Facebook Page.

时光飞逝,转眼七年,又再旧地重游。庆幸是次到访不再是为了任何情伤,而是为了一个很有趣的推广工作。事原我为潮流品牌 PikkaPikka 所生产的功能性拭擦布系列做了一个设计,所以特地前来上海出席它的发布活动。老实说,PikkaPikka 的拭擦布真的是超干净,比起任何其他品牌的拭擦布它都额外的干净;它采用了世界最微细纤维科技,可以令相机镜头或是眼镜手机都变得亮亮无尘。另外,它还有生产面部清理以及家居清洁等其他系列。而我所参与的 Pikka Girl Collection 就请来了几位分别来自中国,香港及澳门,于媒体或是创作圈工作的女生,去为这个系列设计了共6款不同风格的手巾以及T恤。大家除了可以到 PikkaPikka 的网站以及淘宝网购我的设计,也可以到香港及澳门的几个指定商号亲身选购,详情请到 PikkaPikka Facebook Page 了解一下。

The few days after the launch I wandered around Shanghai. Several years had passed, of course I already forgot all the sadness that I used to carry, or whoever this person I used to love. But I deliberately revisited the streets that walked past 7 years ago, to give myself another chance to appreciate the pictures that I missed.


I liked it a lot when I first arrived at Tian Zi Fang, an old residential area with numerous alleyways and nostalgic Shanghai buildings. Not only it is stuffed with old memories, but also trendy culture. The shops and restaurants and bars are provided with all kinds shopping and dining experiences, selling various art related products and international cuisines. My eye balls were very busy during very first half hour, but then I felt very disappointed when I realized many of the businesses are repeatedly selling the same item or taste, the place is in fact just another copy of a tourist area. Fortunately, I found myself a little pleasant surprise, that is, a shop named Xi Kong, a place that helps you to send a letter to yourself in the future, to remind the future you of how sincere or stupid you used to be. I think this is a very interesting idea but I did not arrange any mailing, all because I know my future me so well that I will never want to be reminded of a thing if I had decided to delete it at certain point of my life.


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