Nepal 2011 尼泊尔

Nepal is a country that is full of fresh energy and historic evidence
The contrasting green and brown is to be seen ubiquitously
That proves you the time when nature and mankind harmoniously co-existed


Sri Lanka > Maldives > India > Nepal > Tibet - 2011 - 斯里兰卡 > 马尔代夫 > 印度 > 尼泊尔 > 西藏

Nepal Itinerary 尼泊尔行程 - Kathmandu > Nagarkot > Bhaktapur

Everything seemed so perfect in Nepal after our had our exhausted trip in India. The weather was nice, the food were delicious, and the accommodations were cosy and comfortable, not to mention the fact that the cost of living is very low. Our lodging in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, was Avalon House, a double ensuite costed us around USD $30, provided with a full course breakfast that we can enjoy at its rooftop overseeing the entire district as well the Himalayan ranges.

当我们经过了印度这一个令人精疲力竭的旅程之后,尼泊尔的所有东西都好像是非常完美。天气很清凉,食物很美味,住宿很舒适,而且生活指数也是低廉。我们在尼泊尔首都加德满都 (Kathmandu) 住的旅馆名叫 Avalon House,一间双人套房是大约 USD $30,包括一顿非常丰富的早餐,而且进餐的天台还可以欣赏到以喜马拉亚山脉作背景的市内全景。

Avalon House is within 5 minutes of walking distance to Thamel, the tourist heaven in Kathmandu, where you can find any shops or restaurants or cafe or nightlife that serve you in Nepalese style or any cultural style.

Avalon House 距离 Kathmandu 的旅客天堂 Thamel 不超过5分钟的步行时间;在那里你能找各式各样的商店、餐厅、咖啡室或是酒吧;无论是尼泊尔本土风格的又或是其他地区风格的都在等著为你服务。

We went to Peaceful Cottage at Nagarkot for a night to see the sunrise at the Himalayan ranges. Both the surrounding and the interior of the cottage were superb, and with a price of around USD $30 we own a large double ensuite where we could see the sublime mountain scenery and cloud sea from our own balcony.

我们到了 Nagarkot 的 Peaceful Cottage 住了一晚,为了要看喜马拉亚山脉的第一度晨光。这所度假屋无论是外在气忿亦或内在环境都是一流,只需要大约 USD $30 的价钱,我们就可以拥有一间有宽大的双人套房,而且最重要的是房间的露台也能够欣赏到壮丽的山景及云海。

Sio is enjoying the very tranquil moment of the natureNature, where we belong toThats the very first light of the early morning sun among the Himalayan

We visited Bhaktapur for an afternoon when we were returning from Nagarkot to Kathmandu. Bhaktapur is an antique city full of history, culture, temples and artworks, but it is not just a World Heritage site packed with tourists but also a real neighborhood. There you can see local men playing cards or flying chess in the alleyways, women knitting gloves or scarf at the staircases in front of their houses, or kids running around chasing after chickens or dogs.

由 Nagarkot 回程到 Kathmandu 的途中我们到了 Bhaktapur 玩一个下午。Bhaktapur 是一个充满历史,文化,寺庙以及艺术的古城;但它不单只是一个挤著旅客的文化遗产景点,它切切实实的是一个平民社区。在那里你会看到尼泊尔男人都围在小巷里头玩着纸牌或是飞行棋,女人则坐在家门前的楼梯上编织着手套或是颈巾,而小孩就到处的走来走去追逐著母鸡或是小狗。

Bhaktapur, the antique cityBhaktapur, the antique cityAround BhaktapurAround BhaktapurBhaktapur, the antique city

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