Maldives 2011 馬爾代夫

The real Maldives is not the one you ever heard of
The real Maldives is a very simple place
With simple sky, simple water, simple smile and simple life

簡單的天 簡單的海 簡單的笑 簡單的活

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Maldives Itinerary 馬爾代夫行程 Malé > Keyodhoo Island

Malé, the capital of Maldives, is a very vivid place, all the buildings are painted with lovely bright colors as if they were sending you big happy smilies. It is also a very tiny place, that everywhere could easily be accessed by walk. But it is as well quite a busy place, that you can find almost all kind of services or products or cuisines, the shops open until very late because people from all other islands purchase stocks from Malé. The living standard in Maldives to not considered cheap, but it is not like super high that everyone would normally imagined. The rocket high price only applies to those resort islands that you are obliged to book at least a few nights and are being transported in and out by plane taxi. We had some decent Italian and Thai meals in Malé that costed us only around USD $20 per person per meal. And the price of our hostel House Clover was also very reasonable that costed us around USD $40 for a double ensuite.

馬爾代夫的首都馬累 (Malé) 是個色彩繽紛的地方,所有建築物都被塗上鮮艷的顏色;就好像是要給你送上一個一個的笑面,叫人心甜。它也是個很細小的地方,無論何處都可以迅速徒步到達。但它亦是個很繁忙的地方,在那裡你可以找到各式各款的服務,貨品或是菜餚;由於其他島嶼的人都是從 Malé 進貨,所以那裡的店鋪都開到很晚。雖然馬爾代夫的生活指數並不算低,但絕對不是大家想像中那麼高。那些超級貴的價錢其實就只會出現在度假村島嶼上面;你是規定的要訂好幾晚房間,而且會有飛機的士送你進出。我們在 Malé 吃過好幾頓美味的意大利餐和泰國餐,每人每餐也只需要付大約 USD $20 的價錢。而我們的旅館 House Clover 價錢也很合理,一間雙人套房則是大約 USD $40 的價錢。

From Malé we need to take a 6 hours ferry to reach Keyodhoo Island, but sailing in the middle of the Indian Ocean was indeed an amazing experience. All my worries were blown far away when seeing the infinite ocean in front of my own eyes. On the way we saw many of the resort islands that looked exactly the same as we what we normally see on the commercial ads, but not a single second I looked forward to stay in those place. All because I knew I would never experience the real Maldives in those man-made luxury land, also I knew those kind of high-end products are replicas anywhere, and therefore, not necessarily to be experienced in this country in particular.

從 Malé 出發,我們要乘坐大約6個小時的渡輪才可以到達 Keyodhoo Island,但航行於印度洋之中實在是一件令人興奮非常的事情。由其當我親眼著那個無邊無盡的海洋時,所有曾經的煩惱都立即被拋諸腦後。一路上,我們看見很多度假村島嶼,樣子就好像是雜誌上面的廣告一樣,但我卻沒有半秒想要住進那些地方。因為我知道在那些人造的奢華島嶼一定不會能夠讓我感受到真正的馬爾代夫,而且我知道那些高檔次的產物其實都是無所不在的複製品,所以我根本就不需要特別的在這個國家去體驗它。

The cost of living in Malé might not be considered as shoestring, but our spending in Keyodhoo Island was truly affordable, with a cost of around USD $30 per person per day we were provided with 3 meals a day and a double ensuite with air-conditioning. Unfortunately Island Life Maldives, the agent that sells us Keyodhoo Guesthouse, had already changed their package plan. Now it cost USD $70 per day but with add-on activities like snorkeling or fishing. By the time we visited some of my friends did paid extra for add-on activities, however I preferred staying on the island at all time and therefore would consider this new package a bit expensive.

Malé 的生活費的確不算低廉,但我們在 Keyodhoo Island 的花費就認真便宜,每人每日只需要付大約 USD $30 就包括了住宿以及三餐。但最可惜的是,銷售 Keyodhoo Guesthouse 的旅行社 Island Life Maldives 經已有了新的行銷套餐。現在每人需要 USD $70 一天才可以入住這個地方,但新的價錢還包括了一些額外的活動,例如出海浮潛或是釣魚之類。那個時候,我的好幾個朋友則要付出額外的費用才能夠去玩這些東西;但由於自己比較喜歡留在小島上,所以這個新的價錢對我來說確是有點貴。

Keyodhoo Island is a tiny island that everywhere could be reached by walk in less than 15 minutes. There were no traffic no bank and no entertainment complex of any sorts, just a simple village with simple houses simply built on sand. The beach was tiny too but there we spent a lot of time enjoying the very blue sky and ocean while swimming with the little fish stream. The island is such a tranquil place that reminded me life is meant to be simple, too much that we own are in fact unnecessary.

Keyodhoo Island 是一個非常細小的島嶼,所有地方都可以在15分鐘之內步行到達。那裡沒有交通,沒有銀行,更沒有任何娛樂場所;是一條簡單的村莊,有著簡單的平房,簡單的被建築在沙丘之上。那個沙灘也都很細小,但我們還是會在那裡怠很久很久;一直在跟藍天碧海擁抱,一直在跟小魚兒玩耍。這個小島的確是一個與世無爭的地方,而且提醒了我:生活原本就應該是很簡單,許多我們擁有的東西其真實都是多餘的。

There meant to be a few hundred habitants on Keyodhoo Island but most of the men were working on the other resort islands so we could only see women and kids and old people on this island. One thing that truly amazed me was that every afternoon around the same time all the women of this village came out to the playground to play one single tennis ball together. I could see in their eyes they were so much anticipating to that flying ball, and also in their smiles they were so much enjoying this game. I have never seen so many adults being so happy doing such a simple activity like this, and these cheerful faces reminded me happiness is meant to be simple, too much that we worry are in fact unnecessary.

Keyodhoo Island 原本應該有好幾百個居民,但島上大部份男人都跑到了別的度假村島嶼打工,所以就只剩下女人,小孩以及老人家們在小島上生活。有件事件真的令我很感詫異,就是每天下午的同一個時間,島上的女人都會走到球場上,一起去玩同一個網球。從她們的眼神我知道她們是十分的期待這個飛來飛去的球,而且從她們的笑容我也知道她們真的是非常享受這個自創的遊戲。我從沒有見過那麼多成年人如此快樂的去玩一個如此簡單的東西,但那些笑面卻又提醒了我:快樂原本就應該是很簡單,許多纒繞我們的煩惱其真實都是多餘的。

Probably because we had too many people charging too many iPhone at Keyodhoo Guesthouse, the electricity ran out from time to time during the nights. But we enjoyed the complete darkness a lot because it gave romantic moments to look into the bright stars and listen to the chanting breeze, a real moment that we could never experience in any city life.

可能因為我們在 Keyodhoo Guesthouse 有著太多的 iPhone 在充電,晚上很多時候都會停電。但我們還是十分享受那個完全黑暗的浪漫氣氛,好讓我們有機會細看閃閃星光,靜聽柔柔海浪,感受那個完全真實的片刻。

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