Tibet 2011 西藏

The sky in Tibet is the most beautiful sky on earth
The color gradually changes from riverine blue to oceanic blue
The blue that I can never ever forget in my life


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Tibet Itinerary - Nyalam - Lhatse - Shigatse - Gyantse - Lhasa
西藏行程 - 樟木 - 拉孜 - 日喀则 - 江孜 - 拉萨

In the very beginning, there were five of us who planned to hire a driver to travel overland from Nepal to Tibet, unfortunately three out of the five were either seriously ill or deadly tired that they already packed their stuff and flew back home. At the end only me and S were left to continue this trip, we could have chosen to take the much cheaper local transports to enter Tibet, but instead we chose to join a tour because we believed it is the safest and most convenient way to do so.

This 8 days 7 nights Tibet tour departed from Kathmandu costed me USD $390, including breakfast and transport and accommodation and entrance fee, which is a pretty good deal. Actually many travel agencies in Kathmandu are sub-selling this tour, and some of them even quoted me USD $800-1000. Generally speaking only foreign passport holders are joining this tour, because by mean of law they are all required to be accompanied by a tourist guide when they are travelling in Tibet; therefore they all have to pay whatever it costed if they really wanted to enter Tibet. However me and S are both Chinese passport holders, and we would never join this tour if the cost was too unreasonable. (Thank you to Taiwan backpacker 的环游世界 here because I found the information of this tour from her blog)


这个由尼泊尔加得满都出发的8天7夜入藏团价值 USD $390,包早餐包车包住宿包入场费,我觉得是蛮便宜的。其实加得满都有很多旅行社都在分销这个入藏团,有些旅行社甚至跟我说要 USD $800-1000。一般来说就只有外国人才会参加这个团,因为他们必需跟着导游才能够合法的在西藏观光;所以如果必需入藏的话,再贵的团费也得要付。但我和S都是持有中国户照的,所以如果价钱是太过不合理的话,我们也不打算参加。(在这里要谢谢 臻的环游世界 因为我是从她的部落格找到这个团的资料)

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Nyalam is our first landing town in Tibet, it is in fact just a road situated in the middle of nowhere, that has a number of local shops and guest houses, serving passer-bys like us. Our guest house was actually much better than I expected, well, it was so cold up in the mountains and they had no heater but at least the rooms were clean and we were provided with plenty of blankets. The only problem was that there was no hot water in the washroom and we were not able to clean ourselves that night. But the most terrible thing was that my friend S started to suffer from altitude sickness beginning from midnight, that his face started to turned purple and couldn't properly breath.


S was very sick the following day, he felt dizzy in his head pain in his heart and couldn't easily breath, he then bought canned oxygen from the local restaurant to assist himself breathing. But he felt like dying when we arrived at our super crappy guest house in Lhatse, the place was far too bad that he couldn't manage to stick in that shit even for just a minute. Therefore we moved to a decent hotel that was located just across the road; after some hours sleeping on a real big bed, drinking multiple cans of Rhodiola and taking tablets of Acetazolamide, S eventually began to feel better. To be honest I was very glad that we moved so that I could take a hot shower and have a delicious meal in that proper hotel.

The tour was then followed by days of bus rides that bought us to the different view points of the Himalayan ranges, the ice caps and lakes and plateaus were all breathtaking and unforgettable sceneries. Along the road I kept looking at the very blue sky and puffy white cloud from the moving window, but the time seemed like frozen and I felt genuinely peaceful even though I had to spend almost 8 hours a day on that vehicle. Seriously our surrounding environment really affects us to be who we are, and I believe the mighty nature could make you become a truly open-minded person; people from the cities moan and complain of everything and never let go of anything, all because they are lacking of a personal space, a breathing space or even just a thinking space.

Besides, I began to think that Rhodiola really worked because I had been drinking this for over a month by then and I had no problem even when I reached 5050m, the highest peak of this tour.




We visited a number of monasteries during the latter part of the journey. I felt quite thrilled the first time when I saw a man doing postration at the back hill of a monastery in Gyantse, but his wife and son were relaxingly sitting aside waiting for him for the entire time while he repeatedly standing up and lying down and standing up and lying down again. Later on when I reached Lhasa I began seeing people of all ages doing prostrations heading to Potala Place anywhere anytime, I then understood that this praying style is so much important but common to the Tibetan Buddhists.


This tour had came to its end after we visited the Potala Palace at Lhasa, the capital town of Tibet; this CNY ¥100 postcard designed entrance ticket of Potala Palace is also included in this tour.

在西藏的首府拉萨到过布达拉宫之后,这个入藏团便要完结;这张以明信片设计价值 ¥100人民币的布达拉宫门票也是包括在团费里面的。

All our lodgings were okay except the worst one in Lhatse, but the one in Lhasa was the best one in the entire trip. The manager even gave us a discount when we extended our room for two more nights because we checked-in with the tour, that a double ensuite costed us only CNY ¥300! I loved this hotel a lot and I spent a lot of time in my room during those few days, also I started becoming addictive to all the different speed dating shows broadcasted by the many different Chinese channels!


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