Sri Lanka 2011 斯里蘭卡

Sri Lanka is a developing country
With not too many infrastructure, not too many logistic
But only a place that is full of natural beauty and historical traces

沒多物流 沒多基建
有的 就只有是她的美麗風景以及文化古蹟

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Sri Lanka Itinerary 斯里蘭卡行程 - Colombo > Galle

It was quite a hectic journey to reach Hornbill Home Hostel when we first landed in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, because the location of our lodging was uneasy to spot and the roads were full of running traffic. But we all felt very relieved immediately after we arrived at our lodging because it was in fact not a typical hostel type of residence but a very big house situated in one of the neighborhoods. There were six of us and we occupied all the 3 double ensuite in the entire house, and it costed us only USD $10 per person per night. During the stay we had pizza at the large kitchen and we hanged out at the lovely balcony, also we had a memorable barbecue night at the garden.

我們一行五人到達斯里蘭卡首都 Colombo 之後,立即跳上出租車前往早已預訂的 Hornbill Home Hostel 旅館。可是由於位置很難找,交通也很擠,司機亦很煩,那段沒完沒了的路程的確感到非常困惑。幸運是,抵步之後發現原來那處是一所很大的民房,而不是住滿人的旅店,大家頓時忘卻疲累,開心大叫。我們共租了三個套房,亦即霸佔了整棟房子,但每人每晚也不過是給 USD $10 的房錢,十分便宜。這所民宿非常寬敞,可在大廳吃飯,花園燒烤,露台抽煙,給我們這趟上山下水的長途旅遊一個非常舒適的開始。

Through the hostel we arranged a tour to Galle, a former Dutch colony located at the southwest of Sri Lanka. On the way we visited to a turtle hatchery to see lovely turtles in different sizes, and then we had a exciting boat ride on Madu River, that we also landed on a cinnamon island and a temple island.

我們逗留斯里蘭卡的時間不多,所以決定接受旅館安排,前往 Galle 這個距離首都只有百三公里的前荷蘭殖民港口。行程滿滿的一天,我們到了海龜孵卵所探訪可愛龜龜,坐上小艇欣賞 Maduganga River 沿河濕地風光,還有到訪種有肉桂以及建有寺廟的等等幾個特色島嶼。

Delhiwala Station is within a very short walk from where we stayed, from there we had a memorable train ride to Colombo Fort. The platform and the train and everything else looked aged and sounded cracky, but we fell in love with this mood because it was like being in one of the old movie scenes.

每天最好玩的事情,就是從住處附近的 Delhiwala 車站搭火車到 Colombo Fort 市中心。原因車站所有設置都是非常古舊,猶如電影拍攝場景,所以即使火車每每總是遲又了遲,大家還是樂於繼續瘋狂拍照。另外,不斷發出吱吱吱吱驚心聲響而且不停右搖晃的簡陋車廂也是我們最愛的遊樂場,尤其每當列車經過沿海路線自由奔馳,我們總是情不自禁的貼著車窗興奮大叫!

We had an relaxing walk around the downtown area of Colombo, that we shuttled through busy market place, explored ancient temples, wandered through ruined district, also we played Ukulele and sang songs with locals at a hidden church.

雖然我們沒有為 Colombo 計劃什麼必走行程,每天不過隨意亂逛,卻又不經意的碰上很多獨特風景,地道民情。記得,我們穿梭繁忙市集,踏進荒廢地段,窺探秘密教堂,探索古舊廟宇,還有不時走在平民區域跟大小朋友一起唱歌一起彈結他,一起以歌聲笑聲互相觸動心靈。這些零碎片段,都是五顏六色,都是輕鬆情景,都是斯里蘭卡給我的小小回憶。

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