Malaysia 2010 馬來西亞

Malaysia is a such picturesque country
That the clear sky and white clouds will blow all your troubles and worries away
Far far away

晴空白雲讓你無憂無慮 無牽無掛
一切 彷如童話

Itinerary 行程 - Kota Kinabalu > Kuala Lumpur

Sabah, the Eastern state of Malaysia, is definitely a vacation paradise, that all you see is the very blue sky, beautiful ocean water, soft sandy beach, tasty fresh seafood, very low price and... oh well, I know I have to stop it here but for sure I have more to tell! Anyways, this is place that you must visit at least once in your life!

My lodging in Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is called Lavender Lodge Kota Kinabalu, it is indeed a very good price because the room costed me only around USD13 per night. During the visit, I leisurely hanged around town everyday, sometimes I watched a movie, or sometimes I tasted the very delicious seafood, the few days there is absolutely one of my most relaxing days.

馬來西亞的沙巴 (Sabah) 確實是個渡假天堂,抬頭晴空萬里,岸灘水清沙幼,海產美味鮮甜,消費便宜恰當...... 好了!下刪三千字!總之一生人總要去一次!

我在沙巴首府 Kota Kinabalu 租住了一間名叫 Lavender Lodge Kota Kinabalu 的旅店,房間每晚也不過是大約 USD13 的價錢,果真便宜。怠在這裡的數天,我就只四處閑逛,又或看看電影,又或嚐嚐海鮮,絕對放鬆心情。

Ferry services to the nearby islands are available from the Jesselton Point terminal located at Kota Kinabalu, that within 20-30 minutes you could reach to the beautiful islands to sunbathe or snorkel or to do any other water sports, which is indeed very convenient.

Kota Kinabalu 的 Jesselton Point 碼頭有著很多班次接駁附近島嶼,航程都是大概 20-30 分鐘,非常方便。大家可以在各小島上曬曬太陽,玩玩浮潛,又或靜看碧海藍天享受悠閒一天。

I love mountains a lot, therefore I joined a tour to visit Mount Kinabalu, the highest point in Malaysia. In this day trip, I was brought to the Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden to see a wide range of interesting trees and leaves, and walked on a thrilling rope bridge inside the forest, as well let little fishes to bite on my foot at the waterfall, seriously a fun day out.


After a few relaxing days, I flew to Kuala Lumpur to visit a friend, as well to see the concert rehearsal of Manhand, a Chinese Hip Hop crew from Malaysia. I love Manhand's music a lot, and I was always looking forward to listen to their music live, unfortunately I couldn't stay for their concert and therefore my friend arranged me to go check out their rehearsal, truly I have to thank him again because he made my wish came true!

Moreover, I would like to recommend you Matahari Lodge, my lodging in Kuala Lumpur, actually it is not any special place, but the price is reasonable, that a single room costs around USD16, and it is easy access, which is within walking distance to KL Sentral, that's why I consider it as a pretty good choice.

休閒幾天過後,我到了吉隆波 (Kuala Lumpur) 探望朋友,以及欣賞馬來西亞華語 Hip Hop 樂隊 Manhand 的演唱會採排。我十分喜歡 Manhand 的音樂,一直期待現場聆聽,可惜演唱會當日未能留下,於是友人特地安排探訪採排,好讓我能夠如願以嘗,在此真的要再三感謝他!

另外,我想推介一下我在吉隆波租住的旅店 Matahari Lodge。雖然它的環境沒啥特別,但是價錢適中,單人房每晚大約 USD16,而且地點方便,距離 KL Sentral 中央車站只是十數分鐘的路程,所以是個不錯的選擇。

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