On my road in the Mediterranean Sea 人在地中海 En mi camino en el Mar Mediterráneo

On 1st June 2012, I had my passport on one hand and my backpack on the other, I embarked on a life changing journey that is without a return ticket. In the end if I didn’t travel around the world, then I must had fallen in love with a place where I decided to stay.


El 1 de junio de 2012, yo tenía mi pasaporte en una mano y mi mochila en la otra, me embarqué un viaje sin billete de vuelta que iba cambiar mi vida. Al final si no viajo por todo el mundo, debo haberme enamorado de un lugar donde decidi quedarme.

In the beginning of this journey, I traveled overland from the west coast to the east coast in US, lived in New York for a while and worked as a Publicity Videographer for a film. And then I went to Mexico to study Spanish. After that I arrived in South America, traveled from Peru, Bolivia, Chile to Argentina, where I lived for half a year. In Bolivia I taught in a local university as a Guest Lecturer. In Argentina I worked in a hostel and a bar, as a Script Supervisor for a documentary and a Videographer for a branding event. Sadly I didn’t met my sexy Latino in South America so I traveled to Europe to continue striving as a Traveling Artist. I embarked on my new journey from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Southern France, United Kingdom to Paris, where I worked as an assistant for an artist. Unfortunately I was badly injured and I couldn’t work, so I returned to Southern France to rest and learn French. Even though I still hadn’t totally recovered after my half year in France, my destiny had sent me my Latino here. Voilà, because of love, I moved to Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea.

是次旅程開端,我由美西陸路遊到美東,短住紐約,並為一部電影當宣傳攝錄師。接著我到了墨西哥學習西班牙文。之後到步南美,由秘魯出發,途經玻利維亞,智利,到達阿根廷,旅居半年。在玻利維亞曾於當地大學作客席講師。在阿根廷曾於旅館及酒吧工作、還有為記錄片當劇本指導及品牌活動當攝錄師。可惜是,我沒有在南美搭上拉丁帥哥,於是遊到歐洲繼續做我的 Traveling Artist。這趟新的旅程我由葡萄牙出發,途經西班牙,摩洛哥,南法,英國,到達巴黎,為一位藝術家當助手。可惜舊患復發,無法工作,於是搬到南法,靜心休養,學習法文。雖然在法國怠了半年也無有完全康復,但上天竟然真的給我遇上我的拉丁哥。結果,因為愛,我搬到地中海,西班牙屬島馬略卡。

En el comienzo de esta aventura, viajé por tierra de la costa oeste a la costa este en Estados Unidos, viví en Nueva York por dos meses y trabajé como Videógrafa de Publicidad para una película. Después estudié español en México. Luego llegué a Sudamérica, viajé desde Perú, Bolivia, Chile, hasta Argentina, donde viví durante medio año. En Bolivia enseñé como Profesora Invitada en una universidad local. En Argentina trabajé en un hostel y un bar, también como Supervisor de la Escritura para un documental y como Videógrafa para un evento de lanzamiento del producto. Tristemente no he encontrado a mi sexy latino en Sudamérica, tengo que seguir como una Artista Viajera en Europa. En este nueva viaje empecé desde Portugal, España, Marruecos, Sur de Francia, Reino Unido, hasta Paris, donde trabajé como asistente por una artista. Lamentablemente mi cuerpo se lesionó y no podía trabajar, por eso regresé a Sur de Francia para descansar y aprender francés. Aún que todavía no recuperé totalmente después quedaba seis meses en Francia, mi destino me envió mi latino acá por amor. Entonces, me he mudado a Mallorca en el Mar Mediterráneo.

My ultimate goal in life is to become an acknowledged multi-disciplined artist who travels everywhere to do inspiring projects and make good money, get freaking drunk in parties every weekend with my buddies, but still able to run half marathon that I consider easy.


Mi objetivo en la vida es convertirme en una artista multidisciplinaria que viaja por todo el mundo y hace proyectos inspiradores y gana buen dinero, emborracharme con amigos en fiestas cada fin de semana, pero todavía puedo correr un medio maratón que considero fácil.

Just grab me if you feel like you want to hire me, drink with me, run with me, or just hang out with me, anytime I will be ready.


Si quieres ofrecerme un trabajo, compartir una bebida, o simplemente no hacer nada, contacta conmigo.

To me know more about me, please click on my world for my travel stories, my artwork for my creativity, about me for my biography, or follow me on my Facebook for my latest news and photos.

最後,請大家到訪 我的世界 看我的遊記故事,我的作品 看我的藝術創作, 關於我 了解我更多,又或於 我的 Facebook 關注我 的近況。

Para conocerme, por favor, visitas mi mundo para mis historias de viaje, mi arte para mis creatividades, acerca de mí para mi biografía, o me suscribes en mi Facebook para mi últimas noticias y fotos.

Valldemossa, Majorca, Spain
23 / 01 / 2014

Rooms to let in Majorca 馬略卡民宿出租

I still haven’t got a job or I’m too lazy to do another meaningless interview again. I felt like I should really focus on recuperation and wait till I’m strong again before doing any work. My Latino saw my frustration so he got a real cool idea for me so that I could earn money from home.


So now we are renting out our two rooms on Airbnb.com. Our country house is located inside a private land with swimming pool and huge lawn, with lots of trees and flowers. The location is in Valldemossa, a medieval village on a mountain and also the prettiest village in Marjorca. Majorca is a beautiful Mediterranean island with lots of blue flag beaches, it is a paradise on earth during summer where blue sky and turquoise water are found everywhere.

現在我們有兩房於 Airbnb.com 作短期出租。我家私人地段裡頭有泳池,大草坪,以及很多花草樹木。地點是馬略卡最漂亮的村落 Valldemossa,一個位於山上的中世紀小村落 。至於馬略卡,則是地中海的一個美麗島嶼,有著多個世界頂級的藍旗海灘,到處藍天碧海,有若人間天堂。

We could offer you a discount when you come, and of course it will be absolutely free for all my close friends. Please click the links below for more details and photos of our place. Looking forward to see you in Mallorca!


Room 1 https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3269298

Room 2 https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3461708

Benjamin & Charles // Video Artists // Paris

Benjamin and Charles are the two friendly and talented video artists coming from the central and the south of France whom I met when I was living in Paris. There was a time they needed lots of extras for their music video and therefore I was found.

旅居巴黎的時候,認識到來自法國中部南部的 Benjamin 及 Charles 這兩位既有才又和善的錄像藝術家。原因當時他們導演的 MV 需要大量臨時演員,所以找到無所事事的我。


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Mallorca beach – Cala Gran – Blue flag beach 馬洛卡海灘 – Cala Gran – 藍旗海灘

Mallorca got so many beaches and of course our usual activities is going to beaches. Last Sunday me and my Latino, his brother and her girlfriend, went together to Cala D’or, the south east coast of the island, for a day out.

都說馬略卡有著無數海灘,所以我們消遣的節目,就是去海灘。上周未,我們一家四口,就是我跟拉到丁哥,還有他哥哥和跟他女友,一起到了東南部的 Cala D’or 坐坐走走。

Last Import-12

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用以旅行的心情 活出你的生命

人生 是一趟持續的旅程
何不用以旅行的心情 活出你的生命

每當看見耀眼晨光 就當置身喜馬拉亞
每當吹著微涼細風 就當漫步地中海灣
每當品嚐星巴克 就當踏在曼哈頓第五街
每當親吻你愛的人 就當抱在日落底下的埃菲爾鐵塔

我當然知道 實在都有分別
但你也清楚 其實都沒分別 若然你能用心感受每一個當下

人生 這趟持續的旅程
很多時候我們都是勞勞碌碌 營營役役 重複又重複的走訪每一個行程
也可以用以旅行的心情 活出自己的生命

棄掉從來的路線 轉看另一個角度 抱有探索的心情

就這樣 用以旅行的心情
去重新對待身邊每一人 每一事 每一街 每一景
以後無論你走到哪裡 活在哪方
你的人生路 都定必會是個充滿驚喜的難忘旅程

Thats the very first light of the early morning sun among the Himalayan

Sio / Traveling Artist

Mallorca Beach – Cala Pi – Tough life in Spain 馬略卡海灘 – Cala Pi – 生活艱難西班牙

Mallorca got numerous beaches, where of course next to them there are numerous bars, restaurants, hotels and resorts. The hospitality industry here needs lots of people during the summer, but the competition is fierce because lots of European students are also coming here for summer jobs.


Cala pi_mallorca_P5299862
This above work is taken by Stefan Gara from Flickr, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License

Days ago I went to Cala Pi Beach at the south coast for a waitressing job interview in a hotel. The manager told me the job is six days a week, eight hours a day, for the salary of €800 a month. I didn’t want it because I thought the payment was below the minimum wage, but actually at the same time they didn’t want me too.

早兩天,我就到了南岸 Cala Pi 海灘的一所酒店面試,當餐廳侍應。經理說,一星期工作六天,每天八小時,月薪 €800。當時我心想,怎麼薪水低過最低工資,我才不要再進黑店工作。而其實,他們也不打算請我。

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Mallorca Beach – Sa Calobra – The hidden paradise 馬略卡海灘 – Sa Calobra – 躲藏的天堂

Mallorca is most famous for her beaches, they are all like paradise on earth with crystal-clear blue water. Doesn’t matter which coast you go sure you will be screaming nonstop for its amazingly beautiful scenery, if you had never been to Caribbean or Maldives yet.

Mallorca (馬略卡) 這個島最出名的就是海灘,全都清澈碧藍,有若人間天堂。無論是東南西北岸的哪個海灘也會令你興奮大叫,如果你沒有到過馬爾代夫又或加勒比海的話。

Last Import-108

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I worked again… two days!! 終於再次工作… 兩天!!

I really wanted to get a part-time job in my village Valldemossa because I am still very weak that I don’t think I can take a bus to the capital Palma every day to go to work under such hot weather, also I don’t want to do any computing related job for the moment due to my almost recovered injury. And very luckily, I got my first job interview just one day after I sent my job seeking emails, and my first job trial just one day after the interview.

雖然我的傷勢經已康復八八九九,但身體還是虛弱,沒從前壯健,不能夠在炎夏時間每天坐車到首都 Palma 上班,更不打算在短期內做電腦有關工作,所以我很希望能夠在我家村落 Valldemossa 找到兼職。而非常幸運地,上星期我在發出了幾封自薦電郵之後,翌日就得到面試,再翌日就開始試工。

Camera Roll-239

Right after the interview I quickly went to Oficina de Extranjero (Office for Foreigners) to apply for my Número de Identidad de Extranjero (Identity Number for Foreigners), which I need for work and to deal with all kinds of tax issues in this country, before I have my Social Security number. I was really excited for the first day of job and the new chapter of my life.

面試成功當日,我還趕快到了政府部門 Oficina de Extranjero (譯:外國人辦公室) 弄我要用來打工的稅務號碼 Número de Identidad de Extranjero (譯:外國人身份號碼),然後懷著的超級興奮的心情,準備重新工作,開始新的一頁。

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In love with nature 我愛大自然

It’s really amazing to have a swimming pool at home. Specially when I am swimming alone with the very blue sky above my head and as well surrounded by beauty mountains. Unfortunately before this picturesque moment takes place I always have to clean the pool for at least 20 minutes under the high noon.


Camera Roll-267

I live in the countryside and there are fallen leaves and all kinds of insects floating on the water every day. There was a time after I did the cleaning and started swimming happily for about 10 minutes, hundreds of ants just like troops of soldiers were committing suicides jumping into the pool one after one, and I had to clean it again for another 20 or 30 minutes before I can swim again.


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Sri Lanka – Maldives – India – Nepal – Tibet – 2011 – 斯里蘭卡 – 馬爾代夫 – 印度 – 尼泊爾 – 西藏

This is the video I did for our Sri Lanka – Maldives – India – Nepal – Tibet backpacking trip in 2011, I still love it a lot every time I watch it! We embarked our journey from the soon be flooded island countries in the Indian Ocean, and ended our trip at the Himalayan ranges the highest altitudes on earth. Not only we were traveling across ocean and mountains but also we had been to flaming desert and freezing peak. From having 10 people to 2 people, some of us were very unfortunate to have caught High Attitude Sickness and Dengue Fever, that he had to return home immediately for treatment. Definitely a very memorable journey of mine!

這是我為我們早年的《斯里蘭卡 – 馬爾代夫 – 印度 – 尼泊爾 – 西藏 – 2011 背包遊》所製作的影片,每次重看都是很好看!這趟旅程,我們從將被淹沒的印度洋島國出發,到達世界最高點喜馬拉雅山脈,不但上山下海,而且走過火熱沙漠以及冰冷山峰。由熱鬧非常的十個人到最後留守的兩個人,當中有人不幸人患上高山症,也有人染上登革熱,得要立即折返回國就疹。這個背包之旅,實在是我一個非常難忘的旅程!

Sio / Traveling Artist

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