On my road in Macau 人在澳門 En mi camino en Macau

On 1st June 2012, I had my passport on one hand and my backpack on the other, I embarked on a life changing journey that is without a return ticket. In the end if I didn’t travel around the world, then I must had fallen in love with places where I decided to stay.


El 1 de junio de 2012, yo tenía mi pasaporte en una mano y mi mochila en la otra, me embarqué un viaje sin billete de vuelta que iba cambiar mi vida. Al final si no viajo por todo el mundo, debo haberme enamorado de lugares donde decidi quedarme.

In the beginning of this journey, I traveled overland from the west coast to the east coast in US, lived in New York for a while and worked as a Publicity Videographer for a film. And then I went to Mexico to study Spanish. After that I arrived in South America, traveled from Peru, Bolivia, Chile to Argentina, where I lived for half a year. In Bolivia I taught in a local university as a Guest Lecturer. In Argentina I worked in a hostel and a bar, as a Script Supervisor for a documentary and a Videographer for a branding event. Sadly I didn’t met my sexy Latino in South America so I traveled to Europe to continue striving as a Traveling Artist.

旅程開端,我由美西陸路遊到美東,短住紐約,並為一部電影當宣傳攝錄師。接著我到了墨西哥學習西班牙文。之後到步南美,由秘魯出發,途經玻利維亞,智利,到達阿根廷,旅居半年。在玻利維亞曾於當地大學作客席講師。在阿根廷曾於旅館及酒吧工作、還有為記錄片當劇本指導及品牌活動當攝錄師。可惜是,我沒有在南美搭上拉丁帥哥,於是遊到歐洲繼續做我的 Traveling Artist。

En el comienzo de esta aventura, viajé por tierra de la costa oeste a la costa este en Estados Unidos, viví en Nueva York por dos meses y trabajé como Videógrafa de Publicidad para una película. Después estudié español en México. Luego llegué a Sudamérica, viajé desde Perú, Bolivia, Chile, hasta Argentina, donde viví durante medio año. En Bolivia enseñé como Profesora Invitada en una universidad local. En Argentina trabajé en un hostel y un bar, también como Supervisor de la Escritura para un documental y como Videógrafa para un evento de lanzamiento del producto. Tristemente no he encontrado a mi sexy latino en Sudamérica, tengo que seguir como una Artista Viajera en Europa.

I embarked on my European journey from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Southern France, United Kingdom to Paris, where I worked as an assistant for an artist. Unfortunately I was badly injured and I couldn’t work, so I returned to Southern France to rest and learn French. Even though I still hadn’t totally recovered after my half year in France, my destiny had sent me my Latino here. Voilà, because of love, I moved to Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea. I was very happy on the island, winter spring and summer had gone too quickly, and at last I had recovered after learning Chinese medicine to take good care of my own body, so I could move on and continue my journey.


En este viaje Europeo empecé desde Portugal, España, Marruecos, Sur de Francia, Reino Unido, hasta Paris, donde trabajé como asistente por una artista. Lamentablemente mi cuerpo se lesionó y no podía trabajar, por eso regresé a Sur de Francia para descansar y aprender francés. Aún que todavía no recuperé totalmente después quedaba seis meses en Francia, mi destino me envió mi latino acá por amor. Entonces, me he mudado a Mallorca en el Mar Mediterráneo.

I have no idea how much time I will spend on this Macau trip, but it will be long enough to throw myself into media and creative fields again, and to introduce you the real lives behind the glittering facades of this world famous casino city, my home city. Though I now have returned to the starting point but my journey is not ending here, and forever it will be continued. Just because I will continue living my life as if I was traveling on the road no matter where I go, no matter where I live.


No tengo ni idea de cuánto tiempo que voy a pasar en este viaje de Macau, pero será suficiente para concentrarme otra vez en los trabajos en medios de comunicación y los creativos, también para presentarte las vidas reales detrás de las fachadas brillantes de esta ciudad del casino más famoso en este mundo, mi ciudad natal. Ahora he vuelto al punto de partida pero mi viaje no termina aquí, y siempre se continuará. Porque voy a seguir viviendo mi vida como viajaba en la carretera no importa donde yo vaya, no importa donde yo viva.

To me know more about me, please click on my world for my travel stories, my artwork for my creativity, about me for my biography, or follow me on my Facebook for my latest news and photos. Feel free to contact me if you want to work with me or hang out with me.

最後,請大家到訪 我的世界 看我的遊記故事,我的作品 看我的藝術創作, 關於我 了解我更多,又或於 我的 Facebook 關注我 的近況。無論你想跟我一起工作又或一起玩樂,都歡迎隨時聯絡我。

Para conocerme, por favor, visitas mi mundo para mis historias de viaje, mi arte para mis creatividades, acerca de mí para mi biografía, o me suscribes en mi Facebook para mi últimas noticias y fotos. Si quieres ofrecerme un trabajo o compartir una bebida, contacta conmigo.

06 / 09 / 2014

Pressure testing passed 終於通過壓力測試

Macau is in an era with less than 1% of unemployment rate, the demand is greater than the supply that even a cleaner is paid MOP 720 a day, you can easily get a job as long as you are healthy and ready.

在澳門這個失業率只有少於 1% 的年代,各行各業,求過於供,就連清潔工人也有 MOP 720 日薪,基本上有手有腳就有工作。


However there are exceptional cases, even though we have multimedia related vacancies available at various casino resorts, freelancers like me prefer freedom but not stability, we still need to look for work and wait for work because the market is not so big comparatively. And of course it is because I just came back and it takes time to make connection again with the people in the industry.


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流浪的勇氣 根本誰也拿得起




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TDM Radio Show 澳門電台《靚太好易做》

Below is the archive links to a Macau radio show in which I was being interviewed for my travel stories of the past two years. However it is in Cantonese Chinese only so you might have to wait till we see each other again to listen to my stories, if you don’t speak this language.



Camera Roll-463

Figures looks amazing but it isn’t meaning anything 幸福的數字 不過是表面

Since we had our super luxurious casinos opened and the Macau version of the Vegas Strip built, our government had been earning over too much taxes from the gaming industry that the gross of at least tens of billions patacas (Macau dollar) every year had given our officials headaches of how to spend the money. As a result, lots and lots of subsidy plans were launched to help small businesses, example like window decoration subsidy or website subsidy or interest-free loan etc to be given to the general public like lucky money. And the arts and creative sector which no one cared about ten years ago had also became the government’s favorite in the recent years, that a subsidy of 9 millions patacas max has just launched early this year and everyone in this industry was busy writing the biggest proposal of the year.



Surely people overseas would be jealous of us when they look at these amazing figures. And yes indeed many companies and associations are making lots of money out from all these subsidies. But wait, listen to me, the truth is, to those who would like to make a living purely from the arts and creative industry can’t even easily feed themselves their three meals.


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How could I not able to adapt my life in my home city 我怎可能 不適應自己的家

“Can you adapt your life here?” This is a question every of my friend asks me since I come back. And also the question I pondered every day and night before I get back.


Camera Roll-453

Surprisingly, I don’t feel anything wrong, I even feel good at some point. Even though the super dense population had already reached 600,000 and more, the central area is packed with Chinese tourists on every holiday and weekend, with high prices and unreasonable inflation that even a parking costs us two millions, and jammed traffic, noisy surroundings, polluted environment had given no one any quiet space to feel and to think.


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開工大吉!First day of work!


Camera Roll-427

My first job after I returned home is to work as an actor for a corporate video, please consider me for any extra / background actor role in the future! Of course I rather wish you to consider me in any video production, live events, marketing, promotion, media and creative related jobs! I can do directing, producing, scriptwriting, managing, organizing, coordinating, reforming, teaching, training, or anything relating! Thank you so much everyone and I wish you all very good luck with your careers and businesses!

Camera Roll-425

Sio / Traveling Artist

我老闆是 LACY boutique

出走之前,我一直都是以自由人身份,從事媒體創作相關工作。是次重回,當然也希望繼續自由自在的生活。不過,要跟業界同行再次連繫,也都需時,必須耐心等候。(所以呢 有什麼合適我的工作請通知我 謝謝呵)

而在這段沒工作沒工錢的時間,給我吃飽飯的家人就是我的老闆。我媽是裁縫,我妹賣時裝,現在我每天都為她們的 LACY Boutique 做宣傳工作,拍了很多新品照。上架新裝有型格有可愛有斯文也有自家設計,風格應有盡有,適合不同個性的 Lady 們。

說那麼多,就是希望大家到我們FB專頁逛逛囉~! 妹妹一定會給大家打折~! 謝謝支持~!

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lacyboutique2


而我們的 Instagram 更可以方便各位清楚看到我們所有服飾, 快加我們啦 >>> LACYBOUTIQUE_ONLINE


美國人的英文是 American,從小到大我都認為非常合理,因為老師是這樣教,媒體是這樣寫,甚至所有老外都是這樣叫。直至開始學習西班牙文,我才發現 American 根本就不該叫作 American ,我才明白原來簡單一字都有影響各國政治的可能,也有左右人們思維的能力。


American 的西班牙文是 Americano ,但其實整個拉丁美洲,亦即由墨西哥直至阿根廷等十多個西班牙語系國家,從來根本認為 Amerciano 是代表所有美洲人,因為事實是美洲(英:America / 西:América)根本就包括北美中美及南美。美國,也不過是美洲其一部分,根本不可能如此霸道,強搶屬於整個美洲人民的稱呼。

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Sio is continuing her journey in Tibet


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