On my road in the Mediterranean Sea 人在地中海 En mi camino en el Mar Mediterráneo

On 1st June 2012, I had my passport on one hand and my backpack on the other, I embarked on a life changing journey that is without a return ticket. In the end if I didn’t travel around the world, then I must had fallen in love with a place where I decided to stay.


El 1 de junio de 2012, yo tenía mi pasaporte en una mano y mi mochila en la otra, me embarqué un viaje sin billete de vuelta que iba cambiar mi vida. Al final si no viajo por todo el mundo, debo haberme enamorado de un lugar donde decidi quedarme.

In the beginning of this journey, I traveled overland from the west coast to the east coast in US, lived in New York for a while and worked as a Publicity Videographer for a film. And then I went to Mexico to study Spanish. After that I arrived in South America, traveled from Peru, Bolivia, Chile to Argentina, where I lived for half a year. In Bolivia I taught in a local university as a Guest Lecturer. In Argentina I worked in a hostel and a bar, as a Script Supervisor for a documentary and a Videographer for a branding event. Sadly I didn’t met my sexy Latino in South America so I traveled to Europe to continue striving as a Traveling Artist. I embarked on my new journey from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Southern France, United Kingdom to Paris, where I worked as an assistant for an artist. Unfortunately I was badly injured and I couldn’t work, so I returned to Southern France to rest and learn French. Even though I still hadn’t totally recovered after my half year in France, my destiny had sent me my Latino here. Voilà, because of love, I moved to Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea.

是次旅程開端,我由美西陸路遊到美東,短住紐約,並為一部電影當宣傳攝錄師。接著我到了墨西哥學習西班牙文。之後到步南美,由秘魯出發,途經玻利維亞,智利,到達阿根廷,旅居半年。在玻利維亞曾於當地大學作客席講師。在阿根廷曾於旅館及酒吧工作、還有為記錄片當劇本指導及品牌活動當攝錄師。可惜是,我沒有在南美搭上拉丁帥哥,於是遊到歐洲繼續做我的 Traveling Artist。這趟新的旅程我由葡萄牙出發,途經西班牙,摩洛哥,南法,英國,到達巴黎,為一位藝術家當助手。可惜不幸受傷,無法工作,於是搬到南法,靜心休養,學習法文。雖然在法國怠了半年也無有完全康復,但上天竟然真的給我遇上我的拉丁哥。結果,因為愛,我搬到地中海,西班牙屬島馬略卡。

En el comienzo de esta aventura, viajé por tierra de la costa oeste a la costa este en Estados Unidos, viví en Nueva York por dos meses y trabajé como Videógrafa de Publicidad para una película. Después estudié español en México. Luego llegué a Sudamérica, viajé desde Perú, Bolivia, Chile, hasta Argentina, donde viví durante medio año. En Bolivia enseñé como Profesora Invitada en una universidad local. En Argentina trabajé en un hostel y un bar, también como Supervisor de la Escritura para un documental y como Videógrafa para un evento de lanzamiento del producto. Tristemente no he encontrado a mi sexy latino en Sudamérica, tengo que seguir como una Artista Viajera en Europa. En este nueva viaje empecé desde Portugal, España, Marruecos, Sur de Francia, Reino Unido, hasta Paris, donde trabajé como asistente por una artista. Lamentablemente mi cuerpo se lesionó y no podía trabajar, por eso regresé a Sur de Francia para descansar y aprender francés. Aún que todavía no recuperé totalmente después quedaba seis meses en Francia, mi destino me envió mi latino acá por amor. Entonces, me he mudado a Mallorca en el Mar Mediterráneo.

My ultimate goal in life is to become an acknowledged multi-disciplined artist who travels everywhere to do inspiring projects and make good money, get freaking drunk in parties every weekend with my buddies, but still able to run half marathon that I consider easy.


Mi objetivo en la vida es convertirme en una artista multidisciplinaria que viaja por todo el mundo y hace proyectos inspiradores y gana buen dinero, emborracharme con amigos en fiestas cada fin de semana, pero todavía puedo correr un medio maratón que considero fácil.

Just grab me if you feel like you want to hire me, drink with me, run with me, or just hang out with me, anytime I will be ready.


Si quieres ofrecerme un trabajo, compartir una bebida, o simplemente no hacer nada, contacta conmigo.

To me know more about me, please click on my world for my travel stories, my artwork for my creativity, about me for my biography, or follow me on my Facebook or different social networks for my latest news and photos in Europe.

最後,請大家到訪 我的世界 看我的遊記故事,我的作品 看我的藝術創作, 關於我 了解我更多,又或於 我的 Facebook 以及各大社交網絡 關注我 的近況。

Para conocerme, por favor, visitas mi mundo para mis historias de viaje, mi arte para mis creatividades, acerca de mí para mi biografía, o me suscribes en mi Facebook o otros redes sociales diferentes para mi últimas noticias y fotos en Europa

Valldemossa, Majorca, Spain
23 / 01 / 2014

Hong Wai // Chinese Ink Transmedia Artist // Paris – Macau



Hong Wai is a Chinese Ink Transmedia Artist based in Paris and Macau, throughout the years she successfully mixes traditional media with contemporary elements to create series of unforgettable paintings in her unique style. Since many years ago her works caught my eyes and I have been always wanted to look into her mind. That’s why I felt truly amazed when she invited me to go to Paris to work as her assistance last year. Unfortunately my old injury returned once I arrived, I didn’t really have the ability to assist her, nor we got any chance later to work together on a collaborate project that we talked about. But I really appreciate to have a chance to spend a month in her studio to learn something really important, that is, to know the difference between an artist and a creative, well, at least the difference between she and me. Never she minds her works end up in any forms, but always I foresee the outcomes in my head. Now I understand that unexpected changes is a part the progress that brings me expected beautiful images.



Magical grass 神奇野草

I have been so naïve that I never ever knew the very simple looking grasses do have changes in their lives. I was really surprised when I saw the grasses having different forms and different colors of new lives growing from within. The new grown are thin like silk and they shines like silver under the sunny sky, the picture is unbelievably beautiful especially when the breeze blows.


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My beautiful garden 我的美麗花園

I am spending a lot of time playing with my dog in my beautiful garden since the sun comes out almost every day. I started paying a lot of attention on the flowers and plants out there and realized that a lot of new lives have been grown lately. I feel really amazed for the little changes I see every day, as I am the kind of person who has never been living with the nature for a long time. I thought I could only stand living on a mountain for three months when I first moved here. However three months was gone and I was never bored, every morning after I wake up I just can’t wait to run to my garden to look for more and more surprises. My Latino told me we will even have apples and almonds and more fruits dropping from the trees after some time. Also he said he would cultivate tomato and onion with me when he will be free. I never imagined I would learn farming one day but I’m really looking forward to it, I just can’t wait to be a farming girl!



《我與拉丁哥》之《山路車手》Me And My Latino – Mountain Road Racer

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Me – Can you not speak on the phone when you are driving on the mountain?
My Latino – Mi amor, not to worry. I have been driving on this road for six years. Look! I can even drive without holding the wheel!
Me – Guess every male creature on this planet, regardless of color, nationality and ethnic background, think that he is a formula 3 racer when he drives.
My Latino – (continue on the phone) Hey, what did you just say?

我家可愛小村落 My lovely village Valldemossa

Although I have already moved to Majorca for two months, I still haven’t yet visited all the major attractions on the island because my health is not too well and the weather is not too well. But there is no rush because summer is always the best season to visit any of the Mediterranean islands. Besides, the most beautiful scenery is right next to me, because Valldemossa the village where I live, is claimed to be the prettiest village on this Island. My small village is located on a mountain, built with many mediaeval architectures, and every household puts a lot of effort in designing its front door, competing with each other to have the largest number of most adorable plants and flowers. The village is only 20 minutes by car from Palma the capital city, not only it is a must see attraction to the tourists, also it attracts many artists to move here, and Hollywood star to open restaurant here. Valldemossa is really tranquil and really lovely, It would make you forget your colourful life in the city. Competing to have the most beautiful pot is always happier than competing to have the most popular watch, the most fashionable handbag or the most expensive car, no?

搬到西班牙屬島馬洛卡雖然經已兩個月,但由於身體不好,天氣不好,所以還未遊歷島上各大名勝。不過反正地中海的島嶼都是夏天的時候才最好玩,也不用趕。再者,我就是住在 Valldemossa 這個被譽為是島上最漂亮的小村落,根本不用跑到別處,美景就在眼前。我的小村落有着群山作伴,留有不少中世紀建築,而且家家戶戶門前都經過悉心設計,爭著種有最多的清新可愛。小村落距離首都城市 Palma 只是二十分鐘的車程,除了是遊客必到景點,還吸引了不少藝術家居於此地,荷里活明星開設餐飲。Valldemossa 真的很寧靜,很舒服,很可愛,相信誰人搬了進來都會懶得記掛城市的多姿多彩。爭著種有最漂亮的盆栽,總快樂過爭著擁有最貴的名錶名車名手袋,對不?

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《我與拉丁哥》之《普洱加糖》Me and my Latino – Pu-Erh With Sugar

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My Latino – Mi amor, did you forget to put sugar in my tea?
Me – You told me you want Chinese tea, this is Pu-Erh tea, no one drink it with sugar.
My Latino – Can you please put milk in it for me, my dear?
Me – Can you please drink English tea, my dear?

The Otherness // Rock Band // Argentina



The Otherness is a rock band coming from the southernmost region of Argentina, my very good friends I met at the rooftop bar where I worked while I was living in Buenos Aires, interesting is that one of the band members is actually coming from Ushuaia, the southernmost end of the world where connecting to Antarctica. For that reason they are not only as passionate as every Argentinian does, they are not afraid of strong wind and coldness. During my days in Buenos Aires we always hanged out to have fun and to talk about dreams and creative stuff. I felt truly happy for them every time when I heard of them excitedly discussing about the progress of their England tour that would be happening in that summer. I really do support them because it is not even easy for one person to strive for his goal, imagine how hard it is to have four people fighting for a single goal in another country another continent. That’s why I flew to London to see their show and clap for their music when I had returned to Europe. For that tour, not only they performed in London, but also in Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Warrington and many more cities in England, successfully sending their independent voice from Argentina to many more audiences overseas.

All the music of The Otherness are written in English, they are all fun and interesting songs that would light up your days. Come on, have a listen at their music from the player below! To those like them, you can have the free download their latest single Come On from here!

來自阿根廷最南端 La Patagonia 地區的搖滾樂隊 The Otherness 是我在 Buenos Aires 天台酒吧工作時認識的好友,其中一員還果真來自 Ushuaia 這個通往南極的世界盡頭。所以,他們除了有著阿根廷人都有的熱情,還不太冷。旅居布市的時候,我們除了不時一起吃喝玩樂,更經常一起談創作,論理想。每當聽到他們興高采烈的說著有關於是年英國巡演的安排進度,我都跟他們一樣感到十分興奮。原因是堅持理想經已不是容易,他們還要四人一心的為目標努力,向遠洋進發,我實在衷心支持。所以,當我經已重回歐洲的時候,就特地飛到英倫看他們表演,為他們拍掌。那趟巡演,除了 London 他們還有在 Manchester,Liverpool,Sheffield,Warrington 等等地方演出,成功把他們來自阿根廷的獨立聲音分享給更多的觀眾群。

The Otherness 所有歌曲都是很有趣很有意思的英語作品,都是會令人感覺愉快的音樂。來,就在下面的播放器聽聽他們的音樂吧!喜歡他們的朋友,還可以在這裡免費下載他們的最新單曲 Come On

Argentina 2012-13 travel story // 阿根廷 2012-13 遊記

My favourite place 我最愛的那個地方

People always ask me where is my favourite place
among the many of them I have visited

I always say none
and there will never be any

Simply because the further I go, the more I know about myself and each of these places
Of where I would like to have fun during summers, or where I would like to chill out during winters

I would go to South America for crazy parties, Europe for creative careers
I would go to Bolivia to embrace the earth, Tibet to touch the sky
I would go to Portugal for delicious seafood, New York for inspiring exhibitions

And I would have more and more places to name, of where I would choose to do a thing
Of where I would go when I think of you


我總是說 沒有

因為地方去得越多 就越看得清楚
清楚知道夏天哪裡玩 冬天哪裡過

尋開心我要到南美 覓理想我要在歐洲
抱大地我會到玻國 戀天空我會去西藏
吃海鮮我就去葡國 看藝博我就到紐約

還有還有 許多許多