On my road in Macau 人在澳門

On 1st June 2012, I had my passport on one hand and my backpack on the other, I embarked on a life changing journey that is without any itinerary.


In the beginning of this journey, I traveled overland from the west coast to the east coast in US, lived in New York for a while and worked as a Publicity Videographer for a film. And then I went to Mexico to study Spanish. After that I arrived in South America, traveled from Peru, Bolivia, Chile to Argentina, where I lived for half a year. In Bolivia I taught in a local university as a Guest Lecturer. In Argentina I worked in a hostel and a bar, as a Script Supervisor for a documentary and a Videographer for a branding event. Sadly I didn’t met my sexy Latino in South America so I traveled to Europe to continue striving as a Traveling Artist.

旅程開端,我由美西陸路遊到美東,短住紐約,並為一部電影當宣傳攝錄師。接著我到了墨西哥學習西班牙文。之後到步南美,由秘魯出發,途經玻利維亞,智利,到達阿根廷,旅居半年。在玻利維亞曾於當地大學作客席講師。在阿根廷曾於旅館及酒吧工作、還有為記錄片當劇本指導及品牌活動當攝錄師。可惜是,我沒有在南美搭上拉丁帥哥,於是遊到歐洲繼續做我的 Traveling Artist。

I embarked on my European journey from Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Southern France, United Kingdom to Paris, where I worked as an assistant for an artist. Unfortunately I was badly injured and I couldn’t work, so I returned to Southern France to rest and learn French. Even though I still hadn’t totally recovered after my half year in France, my destiny had sent me my Latino here. Voilà, because of love, I moved to Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea. I was very happy on the island, winter spring and summer had gone too quickly, and at last I had recovered after learning Chinese medicine to take good care of my own body, so I could move on and continue my journey.


I have no idea how much time I will spend on this Macau trip, but it will be long enough to throw myself into media and creative fields again, and to introduce you the real lives behind the glittering facades of this world famous casino city, my home city. Though I now have returned to the starting point but my journey is not ending here, and forever it will be continued. Just because I will continue living my life as if I was traveling on the road no matter where I go, no matter where I live.


To me know more about me, please click on my world for my travel stories, my artwork for my creativity, about me for my biography, or follow me on my Facebook for my latest news and photos. Feel free to contact me if you want to work with me or hang out with me.

最後,請大家到訪 我的世界 看我的遊記故事,我的作品 看我的藝術創作, 關於我 了解我更多,又或到 我的 Facebook 關注我的近況。無論你想跟我一起工作又或一起玩樂,都歡迎隨時聯絡我。

06 / 09 / 2014

流浪的勇氣 根本誰也拿得起




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My first directing job since I returned 回來後第一個導演工作

Before new year I was busy working on the promotional video of Grand Coloane Beach Resort. This hotel is actually Westin (a five star resort located in Coloane, an island of Macau) we used to call, since they changed their name and therefore a video is needed to help rebranding it.



My position this time is director, and it is my first directing job since I returned home. I believed I should be a little bit worried because I haven’t did any video for over a year. However there were only less than 24 hours notice before that shoot so I didn’t really have time to worry too much.


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France 2013-14 法國 (意外旅居半年 反覆身心受創 最終脫變重生 所有前因後果)

I hate Paris and I am weary of France
But I appreciate her giving me the most precious lessons of my life
So that I could completely remove everything and start my life over

我討厭巴黎 厭倦法國
好讓我徹徹底底 從頭來過


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My first travel writing column 我的第一個旅遊專欄

“Magazine & More”, a lifestyle and fashion magazine from Macau, has started publishing my travel column “My boundless sea and sky” on its latest issue. In a total of six issues I will be writing my most profound feelings and most memorable experiences of my last two years of travel. This is my first column writing job, I am so glad to have my writings printed on paper. I really wanna be a travel writer one day and I hope I gonna have more writing opportunities in the future! Trust me I gonna keep working hard!

今期澳門時尚生活雜誌 Magazine & More 開始有我的專欄《海闊天空》,我會把過去兩年的最深刻感受最難忘經驗濃縮在一連六期的寫作裏面。這是我的第一個專欄工作,很高興我的文字給印在雜誌上面。我真的希望有天能夠成為一位旅遊作家,期望日後會有更多寫作機會!我會努力的呵!

*** Click to enlarge the images to read the text 點圖放大看文 共兩頁



Magazine & More is being distributed in the many casino resorts, cafe and restaurants, hair and beauty salons, supermarkets, universities, commercial and residential buildings and many more places in Macau. Easiest access point includes OK Convenience Store and Starbuck Cafe. Magazine & More 分布於澳門各大酒店,餐飲,超市,高等學府,髮廊美容院,商業住宅大廈等等地方。熱點包括 OK 便利店以及Starbuck 咖啡店。

Behind the event highlights in Macau 澳門盛事背後

The best time to come visit Macau is between mid-autumn festival and new year eve, because we have numerous major events happening in period. From the International Fireworks Display Contest taking place in September; to the Macau International Music Festival, Lusofonia Festival, Macau International Trade and Investment Fair, Macau City Fringe Festival taking place in October; and then we have Macau Grand Prix the most internationally prestigious event, Macau Food Festival bringing us culinary delicacy from around the globe, Hush!! Full Band Festival the musical marathon with rock talents from local and overseas, Tap Seac Art Fair showcasing handcraft art pieces from Macau, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan taking place in November, the busiest month of the year; thereafter we started to see the most beautiful Christmas decorations hanging onto the lamp posts in every street, the biggest Christmas tree being placed at the central plaza of the city, and then everyone is waiting for the Christmas, the celebration of Macau SAR Establishment Day, the new year Eve and the new year, because it give us a long holiday break.

旅客們最應該到訪澳門的時間,就是中秋過後直至年底,因為每年在這段時間都總有著源源不斷的盛事發生。由九月份的國際煙花比賽匯演;到十月份的國際音樂節、葡韻嘉年華、國際貿易投資展覽會及其時裝秀、城市藝穗節;再到全年節目最豐富的十一月份,當中包括矚目世界的格蘭披治大賽車、搜羅全球美食的美食節、有著知名海外樂團的 HUSH!! Full Band 馬拉松搖滾音樂祭、展示中港澳臺手作藝術的塔石藝墟;之後大街小巷掛上最漂亮的聖誕燈飾,中心廣場豎起最大型的聖誕樹,然後全城等待聖誕回歸元旦新年,因為是長假期的到來。


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Sio is continuing her journey in Tibet


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Pressure testing passed 終於通過壓力測試

Macau is in an era with less than 1% of unemployment rate, the demand is greater than the supply that even a cleaner is paid MOP 720 a day, you can easily get a job as long as you are healthy and ready.

在澳門這個失業率只有少於 1% 的年代,各行各業,求過於供,就連清潔工人也有 MOP 720 日薪,基本上有手有腳就有工作。


However there are exceptional cases, even though we have multimedia related vacancies available at various casino resorts, freelancers like me prefer freedom but not stability, we still need to look for work and wait for work because the market is not so big comparatively. And of course it is because I just came back and it takes time to make connection again with the people in the industry.


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TDM Radio Show 澳門電台《靚太好易做》

Below is the archive links to a Macau radio show in which I was being interviewed for my travel stories of the past two years. However it is in Cantonese Chinese only so you might have to wait till we see each other again to listen to my stories, if you don’t speak this language.



Camera Roll-463


台灣香港青年都很流行以 Working Holiday 到澳洲、英國、德國等等地方打工流浪,可惜計劃申請者年齡通常限於18至30歲。另外,澳門政府沒有跟任何國家簽署 Working Holiday 計劃,所以澳門人無論甚麼年紀也沒有這個機會。對於年長以及澳門的朋友,如果想要外出生活一年半載,我提議到 www.workaway.info 這個打工換宿網站了解一下。相比 WWOOF 農場打工換宿以及國際義工計劃,這個網站地點工種較多,有田園酒莊也有鬧市旅館,彈性較大。而我當初旅居阿根廷,就是通過這個網站找到旅館工作,並且在當地過了一個快樂的33歲生日。


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